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Monday, December 29, 2008
  Painting your wooden boat
Its seen to be very easy when painting a wooden boat if you had the skill and knowledge. When painting the wooden boat all you need is a fine sunny day. Painting your wooden boat you need to have the right paint so that the paint can dry faster and besides it can if you the shine and the gleam. The reason of painting our wooden boat is to protect it from rots under the sun and water for too many years. Secondly if care such as repaint every year will have less problem to maintenance it and further more you will appreciates sailing out with her for its beauty, cleaner, better and smarter. With painting on your wooden boat it will protect from polluted water that can degrade timber and thus make the wooden boat to go rods faster.

Most of the style of painting your wooden boat is by spraying , rolling and brushing. Most of this works is done by individual skill as for myself I am not good with spraying but I like to paint with brush. The one things that some painter do is to retouch when somethings goes wrong with their painting when it is still wet. Wait until the paint is fully dry then painting can be done.


Friday, July 18, 2008
  The beauty of dragon wooden boat
When the dragon boat festival is few months away I joined my friends and a groups of experience wooden boat makers building a wooden boat with the head and tail of a dragon for the dragon boat festival which is going to held around the month of June. The wooden boat is of standard length and wide and size which has a sitting for twenty two rowers. The color of the wooden boat is of your own personal preference which you think its looks more elegant to your groups.

During the festival you can observed the beautiful wooden boat piling in row at the shore and will be push to the sea by the competitors. Many countries takes parts in the competition and events are divided into my section. The winners will get home with a medals and price money. I was rowing for a club and we got second losing a short head.


Thursday, May 08, 2008
  Building our own wooden boat for fishing
Fishing is a hobby to many person but fishing at the beach or on the rock or the seafront can be very slow if their is no bite. I used to fish on a rock near a seasides with a groups of friends when we are very young and it was a very interesting outing if we had regular catch but at times we only return home with a few fish or none at all on one occasion.

With a friend who house is situated along the beach and we a few friends who learn how to build small wooden boat, we decided to come with some money to build our own fishing boat. We brought all the teak wood and started building our wooden boat. After a month our boats was ready for sails with a sitting of eight person. Our wooden boat was equipped with first aid kids and safety items and runs by motors.

Now when ever we decided to go fishing we will sail our wooden boat to where there is plenty of fish to catch. It is very fun, we joke and enjoy food and drinks that we bring with us. When the sun is about to set, we will sail home and we also proud to show to our family and friends about our big and good catch.


Friday, February 29, 2008
  Wooden boat are make of oat and cedar
Today most luxuries boat own by wealth people or company are make of cedar and oaks. This wooden boats which is beautiful design and crafts are equipped with all fishing equipment and all necessary emergency equipment for half or a day outing at sea.

Some wooden boat are build for bass fishing as every years there are bass fishing competition going on. To own a wooden boats will cost expenditure nowadays as parking of the wooden boats will cost monthly rented and besides a monthly maintenance of the boat will cost some dollars and gas price is going up every times.


Thursday, November 15, 2007
  Fishing in a wooden boat at muka head
Fishing is most people part of past time and a hobby. In Penang there are many places and excellent spots where you can fish and watch the time passed by. You can even chartered a small wooden boat which our country called it sampan and a bigger wooden boat which its center with shelter and sitting our country called it bot berhais which can carry up to 10 person and an ideals for family vacation or a group tours. Most of this wooden boat are equipped with fishing equipment and safety equipment. If for bot berhais there will be a person who would guild you to your destination and for sampan you had to roll yourself.

The interesting spots that I like to go is Muka Head. Whenever my relatives and friends comes from other state , I will chatered a bigger wooden boat and we will started our journey from morning and will return only when the sun is going to set. There are many perparation before our fishing expectation. Cooking a pot of chicken curry with white rice and loaves of sandwiches, salad, deep fried chicken wings, fried mixed vegetable and some other favourite items. Few cartons of beers,cans of variety soft drinks and bottles mineral waters.

When we reached Muka Head those who like to stay at the boat doing fishing or stay at the shore swimming, digging shells. During school holidays the place was crowded with hoilday goers. The price of chartered boat will goes up.


Thursday, September 06, 2007
  Tambang make of wooden boat prefer as river taxi
Tambang which people prefer as river taxi in Sarawak, This boat is make of woods with the pitched roofs of corrugated iron and the cabin walls of wood and ready looks like a mini wooden houseboats that ply along the Sarawak river in Kuching the capital state of Sarawak. The boat's pilot to core with the boat and had to exhibits his strength as he wields two long oars to manoeuvre his charge to and from the jetty.

Tambang are said to have been inspired by Sarawak great White Rajah, as most people refer him at that as Rajah Brooke. Back in the year 1841, Rajah, (James Brooke) the intrepid British adventurer achived a local rebellion for the Sultan of Brunei. It was said that the Rajah was also responsible for the peculiar tambang custom by which passengers are expected to leave the exact fare on the deck as they disemback.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007
  Taking a wooden boat to Rendang Island
Most small boat which our Malaysian people called sampam. This sampam or called wooden boat in english is good for fisherman in swallow sea and travelling along the river. Boat berhais is much bigger then sampam which can carries about twenty persons at one time compare to sampam, maximum four persons. Boat berhais is good for fisherman in deeper sea and besides this boat is good for group tours as this boat are equip with shelter, sitting area and can traval against rough sea.

During long school holidays in the middle of the year our company will organised a family tour to the island call pulau Rendang off the state of Trengganu. When we reach Trengganu we will hire a boat and said to the Paulau Rendang. The place was quite at night but during the day time we would spend most of the time at sea. Its is beautiful for its marine fishes and coral. Subal driving is the main hobby over there.


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